Making a Case for Outsourcing – The Advanced Guide to What to Outsource

  Welcome to the first chapter – the Introduction – to my guide to What to Outsource. In this section, you’re going to learn about the Evolution of Work in a Small Business and discover the importance of determining What to Outsource as the first step in putting together an Outsourcing Strategy. After reading this […]


“I know I need help but I’m not sure where to start…” You KNOW that you need support, but it’s tough to articulate what that support looks like and how it’s to be carried out. After six years of walking clients through the process of putting together an outsourcing strategy, I’ve put together some guides that can help all small business […]

How Can SavvyAssist Help as YOUR Online Business Manager?

Biz Whiz Success Program

100 key factors to consistent business success and profitability Evaluate yourself and monitor your progress with 100 key factors necessary to consistent business success and profitability. Steady progress is the goal, so re-visit this quarterly – and make it fun! Below is a sample, but if you would like to download the full 100 point Biz […]

The Great Paper Chase

Implement this System for Managing Paper – both inexpensive and easy to maintain! Are you overwhelmed with the sheer volume of paper and minute details that must be attended to each and every work day? Despite technological advances and electronic reminders, it seems that paper is still a big part of business life – at […]

Small Business Organization Chart [An Infographic]

Small Business Organization Chart Before & After [An Infographic]   Right click the image above to download this Infographic or CLICK HERE for the PDF version.

How Much is Your Time (Really) Worth?


Outsourcing Courses

WHAT TO OUTSOURCE “You can always make more money but you can never make more time.” This What to Outsource Bootcamp walks you through the process of deciding which tasks you should outsource and which tasks you should continue to handle yourself. Use this Basic Training to build a solid foundation for building and implementing […]

Outsourcing Tools

Activity & Time Analysis Tool How much is your time worth and are you making the most of it? With this Activity & Time Analysis tool, you will: Get a visual snapshot of how you are dividing up your time, energy, and space in your business with regard to client work, marketing, business development and […]

Outsourcing Forms

Delegation Worksheet The Delegation Form allows you to transfer those tasks from your brain into the physical world (of course, you may need multiple pages). Once you have cataloged all those tasks that you do (and even those that you don’t do), you can use the form to help you determine what can be delegated […]