Five Common Challenges Small Business Owners Experience as Obstacles to Progress

“Five Common Challenges..” was originally published in January 2013 on my Online Business Management website, but as I read back through it, I think much of this advice can apply to how you design and implement your small business outsourcing strategy.  Discover these five common challenges that small business owners and entrepreneurs often list as obstacles to progress in their business.  Food for thought as you work through the courses, tools and resources here on…
Obstacles to Business ProgressWhen meeting prospective clients for the first time, I like to ask the following question:
“What’s going on in your business that tells you some support is in order?”
The responses usually sound a lot like:
I’m so busy in the office that I can’t get out and make money.  Pushing paperwork, responding to emails, answering phones, and providing customer service can keep you so occupied that you can’t even get to the work that brings in the money.
I’m working more than 60 hours per week just to keep up.  I hear this most often when you’re making money during normal business hours, then working after hours to catch up on all those administrative items mentioned above, scrambling to catch up late into the night.
I start projects that never go anywhere because I don’t have the time to monitor and manage all the follow through. Entrepreneurs are big thinkers, but often need help managing all of the fine details involved with seeing the project from brainstorm to business.
My family and friends give me a hard time, telling me they no longer recognize me.  Enough said.
I can’t trust anyone to do it as well as I do.  When you finally decide to share the workload, it doesn’t go well.  Often, this reinforces your belief that “if you want something done right, then…”  You know the rest…
What will you do to eliminate these challenges in 2013?
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