Freelancing Gains in Popularity but What’s your Outsourcing Strategy?

hiring freelancers requires an outsourcing strategyThe nature of work has – is – transforming at an amazing rate, thanks in large part to advances in technology and shifts in the economy. In fact, a recent study cited in both the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review reveals that a full third of US workers – 53 million people – are freelancing.

Invigorating!  53 million people have taken control of their financial futures and are working on their own terms, serving clients that both need appreciate each freelancer’s unique set of skills and expertise.  A new era, indeed…

I must admit to some concern, however.  While there is certainly less risk with hiring freelancers (as opposed to employees) without a lot of forethought, caution and planning are still important.  Save time and money by putting together a rock solid outsourcing strategy that includes:

  • a clear understanding of the skill set (both expertise and experience) necessary to get the job done;
  • a full grasp of the scope of the project, so that details won’t be overlooked and timelines won’t be extended (too far);
  • self-knowledge:  who you are at work, the types of people that you work well with, how you respond when frustrated or, for that matter, inspired;
  • a thorough search for the right candidate to fulfill the responsibilities, complete with recommendations, portfolios, etc.
  • a plan for communication

You won’t be the only beneficiary to a well-thought out plan for outsourcing.  The freelancer benefits as well from your clear vision and efficiency with the project.  Every body wins!

If you want to see the actual study, here’s the short version, and here is a more detailed account.

Happy Outsourcing!
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