7 Helpful Tips For Hiring a Blog Ghostwriter

copywriter-blogging-ghostwritingSmall business owners take a while to understand how blogs drive business. Startup owners have plenty on their minds. But, when at the stage where they realize how indispensable a website is to their business presence, they should make regular blogs part of their marketing strategy.

7 Top Tips for Working with a on Your Website Blogs

It takes time and a specialized talent to optimize your web marketing. For some owners, a web presence offers a minimal identity – a logo, service description, and means to contact. The website is like a digital business card. Other owners write their own material, thinking they know their strengths best. Soliciting content has a cost, so early stage owners are slow to step up. Working with a copywriter can add to the reluctance, so you might benefit from these tips:

  1. Know what you want: Professional writers love it when you assign a range of words, bullets or lists, hyperlinks, and so on. You must read and study the blogs your competition posts. The content for your blog should be original, but blog styles are pretty much standard.
  2. Provide enough information: Direct the copywriter to links or content that will assure accurate content. You might encourage research into third party sites, such as government reports, state agencies, national membership associations, and the like. While the copywriter promises correct punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, you have to proofread for content accuracy when working with a copywriter on your website blogs.
  3. Identify desired analytics: The copywriter’s skill will order words and phrases to draw search engines to find the work. Browsers are engineered to locate words and phraseology. They do not recognize pictures, images, or logos. This search engine optimization (SEO) finds your blogs faster if these keys are well located and frequently placed throughout the copy. You need someone to do this for you consistently and professionally. But, you are better off to instruct the writer on the words and phrases you want captured.
  4. Use blogs strategically: The term “content marketing” refers to most of the language products used in your marketing – the brochures, handouts, flyers, ads, and so forth. Content dominates the tabs on your website, and the language must be consistent across all those platforms in terms of type size, font, and writing style. Blogs, however, raise your profile with newer news. When you assign pieces to a contract writer, you can fill a calendar well in advance, assure variety, and direct the content to support seasonal sales or budgeted cycles.
  5. Agree on a voice: All writers have a “voice.” Most amateurs write as they think or speak. But, not all voices give you what you want. For example, “serious” writing in white papers or articles does not use contractions or first person pronouns. Conversational and warmer voices use the second person pronouns and may use contractions. You need to tell your copywriter what voice you want to hear.
  6. Simple is small: Your writer prefers tight narrow subjects for blogs that could be fully developed within a range of 500-600 words. Sequences and serial placements may follow, but one blog at a time speaks more clearly. When working with a copywriter on your website blogs, you will benefit from assigning how-to, three-ways to, or pros and cons.
  7. Find the one: Blog writers work as independent contractors or through online brokers. Brokers take a share of the agreed upon per word rate. So, you can estimate what it will cost in order to budget. You have the right to demand originality and guarantees against plagiarism. Broker arrangements are flexible enough to let you shop until you are satisfied, but brokers prohibit your working directly with the writer outside of their compensation structure. You are likely to find what you want networking through business owners you know.

Personally, I write for a business in Poland where the owners are not confident on their English, a business in Florida that operates several websites on different professional services, a Mexican resort, and a Canadian insurance broker. These owners and others require a blog each week, and when successful, the blogs raise the customer traffic to these websites. All these clients came to me after they had become comfortable working with a copywriter on their web content. And, you can learn, too.

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michael-carroll-copywriterMichael Carroll worked in Senior Human Resources positions for 20+ years in a variety of industrial and not-for-profit sectors. He was a student and friend of management guru Peter F. Drucker, and he has taught grammar, rhetoric, and writing for 30 years. His work appears regularly on numerous websites, most of which have to do with small business management. He does business as write4usite.com and can be reached at mfcwriter@gmail.com.

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