7 Easy Email Campaign Lessons from a Virtual Assistant

We inevitably reach a point in our business where we need to think about building an email campaign. For a lot of my clients that is when they want to promote a new product or service to their list. So here are the 7 top tips for working with a VA to build your email campaign.

  1. What is the product or service you want to promote? Knowing what product or service you want to promote allows your VA to have a target of what they will be building the email campaign for. This will also help them to dig deep and hone in on what the target market will be for the product or service.
  2. What service do you want to use? There are a myriad of services out there that can be used to build the email campaign. Some ones that I use quite regularly with my clients are , ,#icontactand Constant Contact. There are many more but this gives you an idea of the large number of choices you have. Part of the selection process will be based on what you want to spend on the service and how large your list is. For MailChimp, you can have up to 2,000 on your list and 12,000 emails sent out a month and utilize their free account. Of course, there will be upgrades that will cost some money.
  3. Do you have the content written or do you need help with that? If you have the content already written, then your VA will only have to build the templates, add in the content and schedule. However I have written the content for clients and that alleviates one more thing on their to do list.
  4. How much time do you have before the product goes live or you want to be promoting the new service? The more time you have, the better. It is great to start promoting farther out than to wait till the last few weeks to promote your product launch or new and improved service.
  5. What is your budget? This is important to know. How much money do you have to spend in the email newsletter service and the time spent for your VA to build your email campaign?
  6. How big is your list? How big your list is will determine how many people you have to promote to. The bigger the list, the better. But remember that these must be people that would be interested in the product or service. If they aren’t, then your efforts will be futile. You can also utilize a VA to help build your list through having a free download, capturing email addresses through networking and other sources of people that would be interested.
  7. Do you have a form to capture the lead information? So, do you have a form on your website that captures people’s names and email addresses? If not, you should. This helps to build your list to everyone that visits your website. This shows that they are interested in you and what you have to offer.

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virtual-assistant-kimberly-grassKimberly Grass is Founder and President of K Grass Business Consulting. She has over a decade of extensive experience working in the marketing field, specifically assisting small businesses. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to use the skills she acquired to help other business owners. She enjoys helping business owners to expand and improve. Her attention to detail and organizational skills enable her to provide the highest quality service possible for her clients. She excels at helping entrepreneurs to maximize their business potential.

She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Plymouth State University. She has an in depth knowledge of marketing research and implementation. Kimberly also has worked in local government. She is Ethics Check Certified and a Certified Real Estate Support Specialist through the International Virtual Assistants Association.

Kimberly has been an active volunteer for the International Virtual Assistants Association for the past four years including working as the Associate Editor for the IVAACast, Director of Certifications and the Director of Research and Development. She has also been a Habitat for Humanity volunteer since 2004. Her positive, energetic personality comes out in all that she does for her clients.

She has lived in the New Hampshire Seacoast for the past 20 years. Before that she was a jet setter, living in New York, Ohio, Florida and Ascot, England. While living in England, she visited Spain, France, and Wales. She was exposed to a wide array of cultures while living abroad.  Kimberly has been married to Jason for 14 years and they have two sons, Andrew and Michael.

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