How to Identify Your Outsourcing Dream Team

Outsourcing Dream TeamYou’ve crafted the start of an outsourcing strategy that is unique to you and your business. Expand that strategy by determining who you have on your team and who you need to find.

Who is on YOUR Outsourcing Dream Team?

Use the Team Delegation Form to help you continue to work on this, using your completed Delegation Worksheet to help you complete these tasks…  

Do you have someone on your team that can take over a specific set of tasks or projects? Since you are familiar with him or her, make note of things such as Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Workstyle, as well as any Training that might be needed to help him or her really shine.

Then again, perhaps you haven’t found just the right team member yet. Remember – on the Delegation Worksheet you noted “roles” or general descriptions such as Virtual Assistant or Bookkeeper. Find (or write in) those roles in the “Person” column, and then go on to describe the Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Workstyle that the ideal candidate needs to have.

Leave the Current Workloads column blank – for now…


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