Online Business Manager Duties – Demystified

Following a good strategic business plan, an Online Business Manager () will support a solopreneur or owner of a mini-business. Once the business owner contracts with the OBM, the OBM will marshal resources to manage the aspects of the business that otherwise weigh him/her down. This relationship keeps the owner frees the owner to focus on the strengths the s/he brings to the enterprise and its growth.

It seems to me that contracting with an OBM is a strategic decision – to budget time, cost, and resources. It contributes to the business plan by letting the owner do what s/he does best. One thing I want to make clear is that the OBM generally does not do so much as manage and oversee. The OBM subcontracts, coordinates, and integrates more than performs.

An OBM offers a flexible package of skills and services, customizing a contract that lists the tasks the owner will outsource:

  • Office Manager duties include ordering and inventorying office supplies, bookkeeping and billing, processing mail, and general office tasks.
  • Production Manager tasks will manage employees, if any, as well as their work assignments and performance metrics.
  • Secretarial functions include formal correspondence, marketing mail, emails, and customer retention management.
  • Technology needs require website maintenance, social media monitoring, project management, blog content, mobile applications and platforms, and shopping cart deliverables (where applicable).
  • Human Resources may only need limited payroll support, but tax and insurance compliance are attached obligations.
  • Revenue Streams need management to maintain databases, control inbound and outbound marketing, organize fulfillment, and monitor customer service and feedback.
  • Product Launches look for strategy, setup, and schedule.
  • Calendars maintain networking, public appearances, affiliate meetings, and personal needs.

“Corporate speak” not your thing?  (I’m learning – be patient with me…)  Put simply, an Online Business Manager oversees the following areas in your business:

  • Systems and Processes
  • Relationships – Customers, Vendors, Colleagues, Partners
  • Automated Solutions
  • Recruitment
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Standard Operating Procedures

The OBM manages what the business owner cannot do or cannot afford to do without affecting the business and its growth. In doing this, the OBM eases the business owner’s life-work balance and stress levels.

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