What is an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

In our world of universal internet access, all businesses function online to one extent or another. In the world of the self-employed, you (Ms. Entrepreneur or Mr. itty-biz owner) need a strategic approach to business and growth.  That’s where an Online Business Manager (OBM) comes in, freeing you to succeed!

The biggest benefit of having an Online Business Manager is that you no longer have to orchestrate all the people, tasks, resources and timelines that are involved in getting things done.  Instead, you can focus your time and energy on those roles that ONLY YOU can perform.  You’ll have systems and support in place so that you can really focus on growth and expansion.

An Online Business Manager typically shoulders the following responsibilities:

  • Manage and streamline business administration, human capital, infrastructure, and logistics of a growing business;
  • Build and maintain relationships – not only with prospects and clients, but with vendors and colleagues as well;
  • Design and implement systems and processes that contribute to the efficiency of the business as a whole;
  • Source and implement automated solutions where reasonable;
  • Support the creation and implementation of a business plan;
  • Recruit additional team members and service providers to fill specific roles;
  • Prove fiscal responsibility through the wise allocation of funds;
  • Create and maintain a system of standard operating procedures that facilitates training and increases business value.

Further, Online Business Managers bring both skills and support in these critical areas of business:


  • Marketing
  • Online Research & Strategies
  • Copywriting: websites, hard copy printed materials
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • e-Commerce Solutions & Services
  • Blogging Services, e-mail & e-zines
  • Driving Website Traffic
  • Audio/Visual Services
  • Customer Services
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • And More!

Simply put, an Online Business Manager implements and manages systems to ensure your business runs smoothly!  A successful OBM relationship will allow the business owner to master his/her life-work balance, reduce stress, and improve performance. Enabling this mastery will increase business performance and revenue.

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What is an Online Business Manager?

What is OBM?


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