Outsourcing Forms

OutsourcingU Delegation Form

Delegation Worksheet

The Delegation Form allows you to transfer those tasks from your brain into the physical world (of course, you may need multiple pages).

Once you have cataloged all those tasks that you do (and even those that you don’t do), you can use the form to help you determine what can be delegated and even to whom each task can be delegated.



OutsourcingU Team Delegation FormTeam Delegation Form

Divide and Conquer your tasks as a team! Use this Team Delegation form to develop a strategy to delegate!

This form will help you determine who you have on your team and who you need to find. Make note of things such as Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Workstyle, as well as any Training that might be needed.




OutsourcingU Weekly Wealth FormWeekly Wealth Form

Stay Focused on the Big Picture that is Your Life!

You fulfill a number of roles in your life. Use this form to find balance between your personal and professional pursuits.

Make this a weekly habit, and you will reap the rewards of true wealth.



ideal vs. reality org chart for small bizSmall Business Organizational Chart – An Infographic

Ideal Small Business Org Chart vs. Reality

After six years as an Online Business Manager (and more than 15 years prior to that working in the back office end of bricks and mortar businesses), I’ve settled on this as the ideal org chart for small business.  It seems to apply across almost any industry, and it scales well (which means, when you’re ready to hire your COO, CMO and CFO, you’ll have everything in place).


How_SavvyAssist_Can_Help_as_OBMHow Can SavvyAssist Help as your Online Business Manager – An Infographic

I’m the creative and committed business partner who is just as excited about your business as you are!  Discover how SavvyAssist can help you build and scale your business (without losing your mind)!