Outsourcing Tools

Activity & Time AnalysisActivity & Time Analysis Tool

How much is your time worth and are you making the most of it?

With this Activity & Time Analysis tool, you will:

  • Get a visual snapshot of how you are dividing up your time, energy, and space in your business with regard to client work, marketing, business development and administration;
  • Identify positive and negative patterns in your workflows and habits;
  • Pinpoint core strengths and weaknesses;
  • Analyze time and energy busters.



Outsourcing U Biz Whiz Success ProgramBiz Whiz Success Program

Evaluate yourself and monitor your progress with 100 key factors necessary to consistent business success and profitability.

Steady progress is the goal, so re-visit this every other month – and make it fun!



what's your time worthEfficiency Calculator

What’s an hour of your time worth?  How much are you paying yourself to answer phones, file papers, or struggle to fix your website?

Use this calculator to quickly and easily determine what your time is worth.



paper management for small business outsourcing strategyThe Great Paper Chase

Implement this System for Managing Paper – both inexpensive and easy to maintain!

Are you overwhelmed with the sheer volume of paper and minute details that must be attended to each and every work day? Despite technological advances and electronic reminders, it seems that paper is still a big part of business life – at least for now…



email management for small business outsourcing strategyEmail: Servant or Master?

Does email sidetrack you? Learn how to control it!

Email has revolutionized the way we live and work, and is vital for communicating with clients and colleagues. But, email can become the ultimate distraction from important work and can be a barrier to efficiency and effectiveness.