Thank You for Purchasing the Basic Training for the Activity & Time Analysis Tool

How much is your time worth and are you making the most of it?

With this Activity & Time Analysis tool, you will:

  • Get a visual snapshot of how you are dividing up your time, energy, and space in your business with regard to client work, marketing, business development and administration;
  • Identify positive and negative patterns in your workflows and habits;
  • Pinpoint core strengths and weaknesses;
  • Analyze time and energy busters.

It’s quick and painless!

Activity & Time Analysis

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I’m so excited for you!  Simply complete the form for 5 business days and submit by fax (512.366.9797) or email ( to provide us the a representative sample of your current activities and condition.

You’ll get:

  • a detailed review of your submissions by a member of our team;
  • a thorough report and analysis (within 5 days of receipt of your completed forms);

You’ll benefit from a crystal clear snapshot of how you use your time and where you can optimize for better ROI.

Your report will be delivered within 5 business days of receipt of your completed forms.