Transform Your Outsourcing Strategy with Three Simple Exercises

Are you working ON your business or IN it?

Did you categorize the work that you do according to the five categories set forth in this blog post?

Ready to transform your Outsourcing Strategy?

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Is the task working ON your business?
    • Keep it on your task list. YOU are in the best position to develop a vision, a strategy, and a network to help get it done. 
    • Working ON your business is part of the 20% of your work efforts that produce 80% of the results. Mark N – it cannot be delegated – at least not yet. 
  • Is the task working IN your business? Then ask yourself a few more questions:
    • Which of these tasks do you try to avoid? For almost all tasks in these categories, you can mark Y – it can (and sometimes should) be delegated. Someone else – an expert – is better suited to these tasks and can do it better and faster than you. No one on your team to fill that position? Indicate a general description, like bookkeeper or virtual assistant or web developer.
    • Which of these tasks do you enjoy the most? This one is tricky! Pay attention to your conscience – sometimes we use tasks we love to avoid doing the things that we SHOULD be doing.

Here’s an example: I love copywriting! I can get lost for hours writing and revising (lots of revising – I’m a diagnosed perfectionist!), but the truth of the matter is:

  1. what takes me 20 hours to write a good copywriter could do in half the time;
  2. I know only a small fraction of do’s and don’ts to good copywriting (especially for SEO purposes); and
  3. I have the most interest in writing when I’m avoiding a project that I don’t want to do.

Just because you enjoy doing it, doesn’t mean that you are the best person for the job. Honestly assess whether these types of tasks are something you want (and should) continue to do…

The majority of tasks working IN your business belong in the 80% that can and should be delegated.

Remember, developing an outsourcing strategy is a continually evolving process – not something you’re going to master overnight. Some tasks are more direct and self-evident – and therefore easier to delegate. Others take more time to work out the process before you’re ready to let it go.

Give yourself the time and space to figure that out. We’ll do it together…


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