An Easy Formula for Determining the Value of Outsourcing (or How Much is your Time Really Worth)

how much is your time worthIf you’ve been following the blog, you have developed a strategy to harness the power of delegation to build and scale your business. Congratulations!

Strategies look good on paper, but require effort and commitment to execute. Today, I want you to see that it is actually worth it (financially) to outsource (and do it well).

What is the value of  outsourcing to you and your business?

Complete this form to help determine just how much your time is worth. It’s quick to complete – you’ve done the hard work on the Delegation Worksheet – and it will give you just what you need to know about the dollar value of outsourcing (done well). You fill in the green boxes and the form does the rest!

Are you pleasantly surprised or discouraged by your hourly rate?



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